Worksite Wellness Champions

  • To support the Worksite Wellness Program's efforts, each work location has a Worksite Wellness Champion. The Champions work to engage employees in living healthier lives through communicating and promoting the Worksite Wellness Program's initiatives. The Worksite Wellness Champions serve two-year terms. If you are interested in becoming a Worksite Wellness Champion, email for more details and for the application.

2023-24 Worksite Wellness Champions by Location

  • Elementary Schools:

    • Centennial Elementary School: Bri Silhasek
    • Dos Rios Elementary School: Hannah Iwerks
    • Heiman Elementary School: Stefanie Mora
    • Jackson Elementary School: Sherri Gentz
    • Madison Elementary School: Meagan Reliford
    • Maplewood Elementary School: John Miller
    • Martinez Elementary School: Stephanie Kelln
    • Meeker Elementary School: Jamie Smith
    • Monfort Elementary School: Katie Hansen
    • Scott Elementary School: Abbie Polland
    • Shawsheen Elementary School: Emily Wilbur

    K-8 Schools:

    • Chappelow K-8: Diane Loewe
    • Fred Tjardes: Ches Bond 
    • McAuliffe K-8 Academy: Dan Goding
    • Romero K-8 Academy: Kim Clark
    • Tointon Academy: Laura Katarzynski and Doug Williams
    • Winograd K-8: Kelly Bush

    Middle Schools:

    • Brentwood Middle School: Kara Gorsuch
    • Heath Middle School: Karla Najera-Valdez
    • Franklin Middle School: Sherri Morin
    • Prairie Heights Middle School: Laura Hudson and Maira McGongal

    High Schools:

    • Central High School: Aimee Nance
    • GAP: Lisa Krieger Mart
    • Jefferson High School: Carolyn Jones and Beth Williams
    • Northridge High School: Joanna Fedor
    • West High School: Tom Nugent
    • Early College Academy: Michelle Johnson

    Other Worksites:

    • Administrative Building: Jamie Gallegos and Ali Pilgrim
    • Family Center: Stephanie Garcia
    • Early Childhood Center and Jefferson Jr: Beth Dick
    • Platte Valley: Heike Bruner
    • D6 Online Academy: Stephanie Dernocoeur 
    • Facilities/OIT: DeAnne Hill
    • Service Center: Liz Stockham
    • Transportation: Kristina Speegle