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Image result for cute spring images freeHappy Spring, Third Graders!
I hope you are having a wonderful extended spring break.  Take some time to relax and recharge before the final part of our school year.  As you know, the next month or so of school will look a bit different, but do not worry.  Think of this as an adventure to practice all of those technology skills you have been learning.  You have been practicing these skills through Zearn, Schoology, Wonders, Lexia, Google Classroom, Google Docs, Xtra Math, and so on. You've got this!  I am excited to keep learning with you!
Enjoy the rest of your spring break!
~Dr. Truitt 
Check out the Scholastic Learn at Home link down below for some really cool articles and videos from Scholastic.  I especially like the one about how kids around the world travel to school!