Basic Transportation Rates

    $23.45 per hour for driver
    $18.54 per hour for monitor*
    $1.65 per mile
    * Generally applies to after-school programs
    $1.65 per mile
    $50.00 per day for late returns

    You can estimate the cost of your trip by multiplying the distance in miles by the cost per mile and adding in the cost of how many hours you will need the driver. Please note that on longer trips that driver will stay with your group and you will be charged for how long the driver was on standby.

    If you have any specific questions, please contact our department at 970.348.6800.

    Field Trip Information
    Demands for a limited number of buses, suburbans, and drivers can create a scheduling challenge. You can help by having an early telephone contact with our Dispatch Office at 348-6817 or 348-6810. According to School Board Procedure File #IJOA, this process should begin a minimum of ten working days prior to your trip. The sooner the better, it is a good rule of thumb, because availability is not guaranteed. In your initial phone contact with the Dispatch Office, ask questions regarding bus availability, possible route conflicts, vehicle capacities, and any special needs requirements that your group may have. At this time, make certain to have the dispatcher pencil in the date and time of your event.

    Next, you need to complete the appropriate paperwork for your trip or activity and submit it to Transportation. You must submit a Athletic Trip Request Form or a Suburban Request Form. Please make sure the forms are complete and that they have the authorized signatures. Incomplete forms cannot be processed, which could delay confirmation of your trip. Paperwork must be received at Transportation prior to the date of your activity. It is important to understand that the initial telephone contact does not reserve buses or suburbans, only your completed paperwork can do that, so try to get it turned in as soon as possible.

    When filling out Trip Request Forms:
    • Dates: Be very specific regarding the date of your trip or activity.
    • Times: Departure time is the time you wish to depart school.
    • Return time is the time you arrive back at school.
    • Destination: Please be specific. Include exact destination and address, if possible.
    • Bill to: THIS LINE MUST BE FILLED IN. We need to know who is paying for the field trip.
    • Passengers: Numbers should include students as well as adult sponsors.

    Wheelchairs: Always notify Transportation for Special Needs requests.

    Other notes:

    • If the group desires a meal stop, this information should be noted on the trip request.
    • If the group has more than one destination, this information should be noted on the trip request.
    • If the school has more than one loading zone, please specify which one you would like to use.

    Other information:

    1. Cost of trips: Current prices are $23.45 an hour for the driver and $1.65 a mile for the bus. Actual time and miles are charged plus a half hour driver prep time. There is a four-hour minimum charge for trips on weekends.
    2. All trips but athletics are restricted to the 9:00 am to 2:30 pm time frame.
    3. Regular routes will always have priority over extra trips. A maximum of four buses will be scheduled on extra trip assignments during route times.
    4. Pickup and drop off locations will be standard school loading zones.
    5. It is the school's responsibility to notify Transportation a minimum of two hours prior to the pick-up time of any changes or cancellations of scheduled trips. Schools will be billed for bus preparation time and driver costs for in-town trips and a minimum of four hours plus mileage for out-of-town trips if proper notification of cancellation is not given, weather reasons excluded.
    6. School buses are designed to carry passengers only. No item may be transported on a school bus that is hazardous, that blocks the center aisle or emergency exits, that takes up the room of another passenger, or that may damage bus upholstery or floor finish. If extra items need to be taken, such as coolers or food boxes, they must be stored properly. The driver will not be responsible for loading or unloading extra equipment.
    7. In accordance with School Board Procedure File #IJOA, each extra trip bus must have at least one adult sponsor. Drivers are emphatically instructed not to transport trip passengers if this requirement is not met.
    8. Buses will be clean prior to departure. Normal dirt, sand, mud, etc. carried on the bus during the course of the trip will be acceptable within reasonable limits. However, trash, garbage, food remnants, any form of tobacco, beverage spills, etc., are NOT acceptable and may result in additional billing for the school to cover the clean-up costs.
    9. Any vandalism to the bus or related equipment that occurs on a trip may result in additional billing to cover the costs. This includes vandalism or damage to school bus lap belts.
    10. The bus driver will be responsible for the routes or roads used during the trip.
    11. Bus drivers and trip sponsors are expected to be mutually supportive and cooperative. Disputes should be reported in writing to the Transportation Supervisor.

    Student discipline:

    During a trip, the sponsor is responsible for managing passenger behavior. Prior to the start of the trip, the driver and sponsor should discuss expectations of proper behavior on the bus. (Switching seats, standing and excessive yelling are examples of inappropriate behavior.) The driver will make every effort to work through the sponsor in matters of student discipline. However, if the driver feels that student behavior is such that it is unsafe to continue on the trip and that further disciplinary action is necessary beyond what the sponsor is willing to take, he/she has the authority to stop the bus or return to school.

    Drivers are often asked by sponsors to allow an unruly student to remain on the bus while the rest of the group participates in the activities at the trip's destination. This is not permitted. Sponsors will need to use an alternative method of discipline.

    Small Vehicle Permit Procedures

    Reminder, effective August 1, 1995, anyone operating a small vehicle who transports children to and from school, school to school, or to school-related events in vehicles owned or rented by the district or under contract to the district falls under the regulations of 1 CCR 301-26. Small Vehicle Operators are teachers, coaches, and other district employees or representatives transporting children in small vehicles (vehicles designed to transport 15 or fewer, including the driver).

    Minimum Requirements for a Small Vehicle Operator
    1. Must possess a valid Colorado operator's license.
    2. Must be at least 21 years of age.
    3. Have a motor vehicle check (annual).
    4. Receive pre-service training material on small vehicles available on this web site under Small Vehicle Study Guide.(384-6819)
    5. Pass the Colorado Department of Education Small Vehicle Written Test (annually).

    Obtaining a Small Vehicle Permit
    Individuals desiring to drive a small vehicle must have the approval of the principal or designated representative of the school for which they will drive. Testing can be scheduled with the Transportation Department by calling 348-6848. Applicants will be scheduled for the CDE test, as well as a driving road test. All study materials are posted on our website Small Vehicle Permits.  A mandatory health questionnaire must also be on file. Permits will be issued upon successful completion of all the information above. The Transportation Department will send and review all small vehicle operators' driving records annually for continued eligibility. Permits may be renewed annually by the holder.