1.     Student-athletes must meet academic eligibility standard set by:

               CHSAA / District IV / Northridge High School / Basketball Program

    Ø Proper attendance on the day of competition

    Ø Participate in 5 days of practice before competition

    Ø Be passing All Classes* and have passed 5 classes the previous semester

    o  Grades for eligibility are checked everyFriday Morning.The athlete must be passing five (5) classes in order to participate in games the following week. Eligibility runs from Monday morning through Saturday evening.


    * Students that meet the standard of passing 5 classes set by Northridge high school but still have failing grades in other classes will be ineligible unless:

    Ø They have documentation from the instructor showing they are making the effort to improve their grade 

    Ø They are receiving tutoring in the class to improve their grade.


    2.     Student-athletes must demonstrate appropriate sportsmanship, language, self-control and behavior on and off the court.


    3.     And Athletic Fee is accessed by District IV. The fee is $75 per sport with a family maximum of $225 per school year, per family. A copy of this form is attached. This fee must be paid to the Athletic Secretary prior to the first athletic contest (December 1st).