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    Principals and other Administrative Professionals are an important part of our student's success. This page features a variety of resources related to Human Resources' commitment to invest in our teachers and our school leaders. Please feel free to contact our Human Resources Office at 970.348.6070 with any questions.
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    Administrative/Professional/Technical Handbook

    School Based Administrative/Professional/Technical Evaluations

    Principal/Assistant Principal Evaluations
    Includes updated information about the Colorado State Model Evaluation System including information on the evaluation process and final rating. 
    Student Learning Objective Handbook

    This handbook provides guidance for the Student Learning Objective process for the few educators in our district who need individualized SLOs to complete the data portion of their evaluation. This handbook also provides a rubric for the evaluator to give feedback to the educator on his/her SLOs. 
    Non-School Based A/P/T Evaluation

    This form is for employees designated as Administrative/Professional/Technical who are not assigned to a specific school site and are considered classified employees.