• Educational Incentive Program



    The Educational Incentive Program is designed to encourage employees to complete educational programs or coursework to:

    • Improve skills or knowledge related to their current position
    • Provide training opportunities for employees who desire promotion


    An educational incentive benefit will be granted in the amount of $250 (paid in a lump sum) for every 5 quarter-hours or 3.5 semester hours of approved coursework, with no more than $1,750.00 awarded in any one year. A maximum of $3,000.00 will be awarded to any single employee. Payment of the incentive benefit will be paid on the November paycheck.



    Any employees who are paid on the Classified salary schedule may apply for the Educational Incentive Program. Applicants must be an active employee at the time of the initial application and maintain continuous employment throughout the approval and payment process in order to receive the incentive benefit. 


    Annual Application Process


    Approved Programs

    Coursework must support the goal stated on the Educational Incentive Plan and must be earned while the employee is working for District 6. The training must be voluntary.

    • Community college, college, or university courses or continuing education courses
      • 1.5 semester hours are equivalent to one quarter-hour of credit
      • In order for credits to be accepted, the employee must receive a grade of (S) satisfactory, or a C or better 
    • Applicable vocational/technical courses
      • 1.5 semester hours are equivalent to one quarter-hour of credit
    • District-approved workshops and seminars 
      • Ten hours of in-service is equivalent to one quarter-hour of credit
    • ASFSA certification for food service workers will be accepted for Educational Incentive credit



    Contact: Cynthia Szabo by email or phone at 970.348.6071



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