Volunteer Program Policies

  • Weld County School District 6 encourages family members, retired employees, and other community members to volunteer in schools and other district sites to share their knowledge and assist in reaching the strategic goals set for students and schools.  Volunteers are essential to fulfilling the district mission and vision, assisting staff, and contributing to school safety and security.  A “volunteer” is an individual who provides a service without compensation for the benefit of a district school, staff, or students, subject to the direction and control of the school’s principal or designees. Examples of services volunteers may provide include, but are not limited to: tutoring, leading small group activities, helping teachers/staff with organizational tasks, supervising students on field trips, working special events and coaching student-athletes.


    The use of volunteers at any school or district activity shall not conflict with or replace any regularly authorized personnel staffing allotment.  Volunteers shall comply with all applicable Board policies and regulations, as well as with all applicable school rules.  Please take the time to review Board Policy KIA: Volunteers in Schools as well as the following curated list of District 6 policies that are most relevant to volunteers.  A complete list of all District 6 Board policies can be found here.  Volunteer status may be granted, denied or revoked at any time at the district’s discretion.

B: Board Governance and Operations