• Athlete and student safety is a priority in Greeley-Evans District 6. The following documents have been provided as support materials for parents and student-athletes related to concussion. Each of these documents is provided to support awareness, share facts about the signs and symptoms, and provide the return-to-play guidelines that our schools use to appropriately move athletes back into practice and competition. An important piece, that is sometimes overlooked, are the cognitive challenges that often accompany this type of injury. 
    Additionally, you may review the current research and testing that is being done to evaluate the safety of football helmets. If you have specific questions on any of these topics contact your school athletic director or the district athletic director for further insights. These documents are representative of current information related to concussions. ALL coaches in District 6, as required by law, have completed a training specific to concussion recognition and protocols for removal from participation, as well as return to play/participation progression.
    Concussion Fact Sheets for Parents/Guardians (English & Spanish Versions)