• Greeley Dream Team
    Find out how Educational Talent Search can help you achieve your goals both during and after high school! We want to help you find success in your high school career and broaden your horizons by showing you the hundreds of opportunities awaiting you after high school graduation. 
          · Build relationships with students from other high schools in Greeley
          · Find out about scholarships and financial aid that will help you pay for college
          · Learn how to be successful in your future careers
          · Get access to tutoring, grade checks, academic accountability, study plans and more while you are in high school! 
          · Connect with Trio Student Support Services at the university or college of your choice after you graduate from high school. 
          · Create academic accountability study plans with your advisor and do grade checks
    Stop by the Educational Talent Search office to see if you are eligible! We accept applications throughout the entire school year.  
    As an ETS student, you have opportunities to
          · apply for and win the Greeley Dream Team scholarship (up to $1,500) your senior year to help pay for college. 
          · go on field trips to take campus tours and find out which colleges you are interested in applying for as a senior. 

    Contact Us:
    Diana Johnson
    • ETS/Dream Team Advisor