History of Bella Romero Academy


    Our motto, “Bella’s family is my family,” has roots in the history of the school. The school was named in honor of a former Greeley teacher, principal, and educational advocate that promoted family involvement in schools. Bella Romero was known for expressing that if she had met you once then you were considered to be family. We have adopted that attitude and take great pride in our efforts to promote a family feeling within the school and community. 
    The Academy is a dual-campus K-8 school formed through the consolidation of the former East Memorial Elementary (opened in 1964) and Bella Romero K-7 schools (opened in 2003). The 2014-2015 year marked the inauguration of this innovative K-8 experience for students in east Greeley and beyond. Our vision- "Bella's Family Tradition" - is that all students will graduate high school (at a minimum) and achieve their dreams. Students in The Academy are not labeled by grade level but rather identified by their year of high school graduation (for example "The Class of 2025"). Furthermore, we support students on an ongoing basis by visiting them in high school, analyzing their attendance, behavior, and achievement data throughout high school, and being present to congratulate them on the day of their graduation ceremony. Our commitment is not only to the students in Bella's family, but also to the parents and other significant adults in their lives. We believe in the power of the school-home partnership and we work hard to build and maintain authentic connections with each family.