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    Specialized Service Professionals, or SSPs, are a valuable and integral part of our students achievement. This page features a variety of resources related to Human Resources' commitment to invest in our SSPs. Please feel free to contact our Human Resource Office at 970.348.6070 with any questions. 
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     Specialized Service Professionals Staff Evaluations

    Greeley-Evans is an official CDE pilot for the Specialized Service Professionals (SSP) Colorado Evaluation System. All 9 areas of SSPs have had their initial training and orientation to the system. The system follows a similar process to the teacher and principal evaluation system. This evaluation will continue to focus on the standards and professional practices using the rubrics below. Please do not use a teacher rubric for any of the SSP evaluations. Also, the SSP rubric will be available in Bloomboard. Exceptional Student Services, for example, will be the evaluator for most of these personnel, while school-based principals and assistant principals will be the evaluator for counselors. Please contact HR with any questions.



    School Social Worker

    SSW Evaluation Rubric


    Audiologist Evaluation Rubric


    Counselor Evaluation Rubric


    Nurse Evaluation Rubric

    Occupational Therapist

    OT Evaluation Rubric


    Psychologist Evaluation Rubric

    Physical Therapist

    PT Evaluation Rubric

    Speech Language Pathologist

    SLP Evaluation Rubric

    Orientation and Mobility Specialist

    OM Evaluation Rubric

    Specialized Service Professional Support Documents

    Includes time frames for implementing our system with teachers and the professional development schedule
    This handbook provides guidance for the Student Learning Objective process for the few educators in our district who need individualized SLOs to complete the data portion of their evaluation. 
    Includes updated information about the Colorado State Model Evaluation System including information on the evaluation process and final rating  
    This document is an overview of Evaluation Requirements and Timeline for Specialized Service Professionals
    Includes guidance for both the teacher and the principal evaluation systems
    This document outlines each of the 5 standards included in all SSP evaluation rubrics.