Language Arts

  • Courses offered within Language Arts:
    English 9 or English Honors 9
    English 10 or English Honors 10/AP Seminar**
    American Literature or Minorities in Literature or AP Language & Composition
    Public Speaking/World Literature or AP Literature & Composition
    Electives: Creative Writing, Competitive Speech I/II 
    **See your English teacher and/or AP Coordinator 

    Contact Us:
    Josh Seematter - Instructional Lead
    Courses: English 10, English Honors 10, and AP Literature & Composition
    Bri Ellis - (AVID Coordinator)
    Courses: AVID III and Team Taught Minorities & Literature
    Courses: English Honors 9, English Honors 9, and AP Language & Composition
    Courses: Team Taught English 10 and American Literature
    Jason Cunningham
    Courses: English 9, Team Taught English 9 and Creative Writing
    Diane Patterson (AP Coordinator)
    Courses: Public Speaking/World Literature and Senior CapStone (STEM Academy)
    Courses: English 9, English Honors 10 and AP Language & Composition
    Courses:  Public Speaking/World Literature, English 9, English 10, Technical Theatre Coach