• Photo Voice Process and Guidelines

    The official PhotoVoice organization (www.photovoice.org) promotes “participatory photography and digital storytelling methods” for individuals and communities to have an opportunity to advocate for themselves and create progressive social change.

    We are launching a modified version within D6 Wellness, to give employees a different way to share the wellness successes and challenges they encounter during the workday. The photos will be used to create awareness and to support D6 Wellness interventions and programs. As the popular saying goes, “a photo is worth a thousand words”.

     See Examples HERE 

    How can I participate?
    1. Identify situations at work/during your workday that are either barriers to or assets to wellness

    2. Take a photo of the situation, in accordance with the guidelines below

    3. Assign a caption to the photo, briefly explaining the challenging or positive situation relating to wellness

    4. Email the photo and caption to District6-Wellness@greeleyschools.org

    5. The photo and caption will be posted ANONYMOUSLY on the worksite wellness webpage, www.greeleyschools.org/worksitewellness with suggestions for overcoming the barrier, as applicable. The photo may also be posted to the worksite wellness Facebook page



    • No photos showing employee or student faces or identifying them in any way without their written approval

    • All photos become the property of District 6

    • Only original photos will be accepted

    • Do not take photos while driving

    • No inappropriate photos

    2015-16 Photo Submissions
    Caption: "Originally we had till 5/24 for the 8th grade assessment, now it needs to be completed by 1/29!"
    Suggestion: Try to relax and look forward to one less thing to complete at the end of the school year!
    Caption: "Stress relief: when students share their beautiful artwork with me."
    Caption: "My materials are never organized and it drives me nuts"
    Suggestion: taking time for organization will pay off!
    Caption: "My motivation! 10000 steps every day"
    Caption:"Biggest challenge right now??? This cold going around!!!"
    Suggestion: fruits, veggies, sleep, water and clean hands!
     hallway   stairs
    Caption: "Stairs or long hallways that go forever. These are both good for wellness and stressful at times."
    Suggestion: try to maintain the positive outlook and look at these as opportunities for movement throughout your day. 
    Caption: "Computers that lock up when you are trying to work"
    Suggestion: push "save" often!
    Caption: "Rolling mats out of the gym to the cafeteria for practice is stressful."
    Suggestion: thank you for being flexible and providing this opportunity for our students! 
    Caption: "Christmas being over make me sad!"
    Suggestion: Just remember, Frosty comes back each year! 
    Caption: "My reminder and support to get rid of those holiday pounds!"
    Caption: "A clear sidewalk amidst the frozen tundra begs me to take a walk!"
    Caption: "Healthy cooking with my grandson"
    Caption: "New mats are a stress relief!"
     hidden calories
    Caption: "Sneaky hidden calories"
    Suggestion: check out the calorie content online before you order! 
    Caption: "Grading papers is stressful"
    Suggestion: Small steps; take a walk halfway through to re-energize 
    Caption: "The new technology stresses me out"
    Suggestion: OIT x6565 
    Caption: "Relaxing with a good show is a great stress reliever!"
    Caption: "Ball chair reminds me to do active things constantly. Don't just sit"
    Caption: "The constant struggle...to hydrate or caffinate" 
    Suggestion: caffeine should be consumed in moderation. Aim for at least 8 cups of water per day! 
    Caption: "Missing copies stress me out!"
    Suggestion: Consider a basket next to the machine for people to put copies not belonging to them. 
    Caption: My stress relief is knowing all of my grandkids are healthy and safe. I keep this picture on my desktop." 
    Caption: "This picture illustrates my current wellness challenge. Recovering from knee surgery has limited by physical activity which, in the past, has been one of my go-to stress relievers."  
    Suggestion: Consider arm exercises and meditation! 
    Caption: "Having a messy desk stresses me out!"
    Suggestion: a constant battle for most of us! Aim for organizing 1 thing per day.
     Caption: "Estes Cone hike is my favorite stress reducer!" 
    Caption: "My desk plant helps relieve my stress. It brings some much needed nature and green to my office that helps break up the glare of bland white walls." 
    Caption:"Have to walk the stairs at Prairie Heights every day several times a day. Don't work out often enough, so this is an asset to my wellness."
    Caption: "My stress is not being able to use the school facilities."
    Suggestion: have patience and think about how great the facilities will be when they are completed! 
    Caption: "This bad boy takes away the stress during passing periods not only for me but the students and other staff as well"
    Caption: "Caring for a plant helps me relieve stress."
    Caption: "Rain, rain go away. The aisles of the warehouse make a great walking track!"
    Caption: "Standing desk, because if you don't stand for something...you'll sit all day!"
    Caption: "Stress comes from uniforms turned in late." 
    Suggestion: Late fees?
    Caption: "Cooking makes me stress-free, and Star Wars" 
    Caption: "Having a mess after moving really stresses me out."
    Suggestion: Tackle it one project at a time! 
    Caption: "Hiking with my dog helps me de-stress"
    Caption: "Here is a little something that works for all...a smile or two, a little activity and friendly competition all rolled into one." 
    Caption: "Music is one of the things I can rely on to relax me!"  
    Caption: "Motocross training with my 3 year old and 5 year old eliminates all stress!" 
    Caption: "Mondays"
    Suggestion: ...it's almost Tuesday!
    Caption: "Taking a minute with each of the classes to do a fit stick/brain break helps with stress release."
    Caption: "My new bike destresses me."  
    Caption: "My new technology that doesn't work"
    Suggestion: OIT x6565
     Caption: "Having adult time."
    Caption: "My puzzles relax me."
    Caption: "Lunch on the roof relaxes me."
    Caption: "My funny happy puppy helps me to destress"
    Caption: "Destress- Jeepin'."
    Caption: "Ladies wine and painting night." 
     Caption: "Healthy Halloween treats from the boss!"
    Caption: "Stressing at bus duty."
    Suggestion: Perhaps some self-care after a stressful, but important job
     Caption: "Reading to relax."
    Caption: "I love a ride on my bike to help me relax." 
    Caption: "The new technology is causing a lot of stress."
    Caption: "My technology won't work." 
    Caption: "Stress when the power goes out."
    Suggestion: take this opportunity to "un-plug" mentally through meditation