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  • Chris Cline Director of District Athletics & Activities
  • NHS Football Player 2023

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      Middle School Brief

      • We will be welcoming the Tointon Academy of Engineers to our sports programming! They will have 6th grade only in 2022-23. Opportunities will be available regardless of the number of participants. There is the potential of combining this year with other D6 schools. 


        We are fortunate to have an outstanding collaborative athletics program with the City of Greeley for our middle school/K-8 athletic programs. This collaboration allows us to have a "No Cut" policy. 


        For volleyball, girls and boys basketball, and girls and boys soccer, we will have tryouts for all 6, 7, and 8 grade participants. Athletes will be placed in one of four teams, regardless of grade-level. The four teams will be varsity, junior varsity, C, and D. All four levels will be filled if participation numbers support all levels. Cross country, girls and boys swimming, and track and field are all competed by a mix of 6, 7, and 8 grade students. For football, 7th and 8th grade football teams participate in the Tri-City FB League with middle schools from Greeley, Severance and Windsor. 6th grade football is part of the collaborative program with the City of Greeley. This league may include teams from around northern Colorado. 


        Our schools participate in the Greeley Middle school Athletic League, which also includes Salida del Sol for all sports except football. 



      High School Brief

      • Greeley West High School Girls Swimmer 2023