• Intramurals



    Intramurals will begin Tuesday August 26th, 2018. Intramurals will be held in the morning before school Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.All students grades K-5th are welcome from 7:00-7:30 to attend. Doors close at 7:15. Children must plan to be physically active and have appropriate clothing and shoes.

                The intramural program is designed to provide opportunities for students to experience a variety of physical activities that will contribute to an active lifestyle and enhance their leisure time. Intramurals will extend and complement our physical education program. Being in the morning, this program will provide children a wonderful opportunity to move their body before the academic day starts. This is not a mandatory program and although attendance will be taken for record keeping purposes, there is no attendance requirement. Your child may attend as little or as often as he or she desires.

                I invite you to come to school and see our program first hand. Please feel free to call or visit anytime. It’s very rare, but occasionally intramurals may be cancelled; in this case I will do my best to notify the children as much in advance as possible.