• Student wellness teams


    Student Wellness Teams were established in the Fall of 2014 with the goal of improving awareness of the district wellness policy and to implement policy objectives at each district site through an onsite team of wellness advocates.
    Please contact the team leader(s) at your school to inquire about site-specific student wellness activities and resources.
  • Elementary Team Leaders

    Centennial: Alexis Badial, Sydney Ketcheson
    Dos Rios: Max Morales, Justine Rosales
    Heiman: Marissa Hurtado, Nicole Cox
    Jackson: Amanda Weitzel, Jioni Reliford
    Madison: Meagan Reliford, Kayla Whitaker
    Maplewood: Brian Breese, Claire Fischer
    Martinez: Emily Dimatteo, Kathryn Simpson
    McAuliffe: Dan Goding, Kelli Picon
    Meeker: Lisa McGlothlin, Valerie Cook
    Monfort: Nina Hoyt, Jen Gross
    Scott: Brad Farbo, Beth Townsend
    Shawsheen: Rachel Winterfeld, Amanda Strecker
  • K-8 Team Leaders

    Chappelow: Diane Loewe, Kathleen Sooter
    Winograd: Kelsey Odom, Courtney Archibeque
    Romero: Jon Cooney 
    Fred Tjardes School of Innovation: Position Open
  • Secondary Team Leaders
    Brentwood: Lauren Newmann Lipp, Megan Steward
    Franklin: Dorothy Meza, Sherri Morin
    Heath: Lettica Juarez, Amber Branecky
    Prairie Heights: Laura Hudson, Brittney King
    Central High: Jessie Caggiano, Shannon King Utu
    Jefferson High: Carolyn Jones, Alysia Mueller
    Northridge: Accepting Applications!
    West: Aurea Arenas