• Student Wellness Teams

    Student Wellness Teams were established in the Fall of 2014 with the goal of improving awareness of the district wellness policy and to implement policy objectives at each district site through an onsite team of wellness advocates. Please contact the team leader(s) at your school to inquire about site-specific student wellness activities and resources.
  • Elementary Team Leaders

    Centennial: Ashley Vallejos and Kyle Mills
    Dos Rios: Christine Sallee and Jami Duty
    Heiman: Tiffany McCall 
    Jackson: Cammaron Butcher and Jioni Reliford
    Madison: Meagan Reliford and Kayla Whitaker
    Maplewood: Shawna Roth and Cindy Brauck
    Martinez: Max Moralez and Kathy Battleson
    McAuliffe: Liz Bratsky and Kelli Picon 
    Meeker: Lisa McGlothlin and Kim Venegas
    Monfort: Jen Gross and Katie Belt
    Romero K-3: Amber Every
    Scott: Brad Farbo and Jessica Andrews
    Shawsheen: Sara Shepler and Chris Zacharko.
  • K-8 Team Leaders

    Romero 4-8:  Bethany Swanson and Michelle Perea
    Chappelow: Kendra Cummings and Tia Ziegler 
    Winograd: Kelsey Odom and Natalia Turner
  • Secondary Team Leaders

    Brentwood: Megan Steward and Sarah Moffitt
    Franklin: Deb Heck 
    Heath: Paige Taylor and Julie Reed
    Prairie Heights: Laura Hudson and Julee Groathouse
    Central High: Marissa Lobato and Rachael Dohrn
    Jefferson High: Randee Shaw and Carolyn Jones
    Northridge: Colleen Reilly and Amira Farris
    West: Marianna Poling and Julie Hagemeister