•  2029 music performance for the class of 2035! All students learned a lot and built connections across our family.






  • Magic Baton Day!

    On September 7th our 7th and 8th grade band and piano students collaborated with Mr. Fixmer, resident composer for the Greeley Philharmonic, in creating their own original music! They will compete against students from around the district to have their melody played by the Greeley Philharmonic in December, but regardless of the competition aspect they will be selecting a melody to perform at their Winter Concert December 13th!

  • Banner Ceremony 2023  Video Slideshow

    Our Banner Ceremony is our final all school event.  We continue our Family Tradition of moving up each classes banner with the year they will graduate on it.  We also gather at the 4-8 campus to honor the celebrations we have had over the course of our school year.  Click on image below to see video slideshow.


  • On Saturday October 30,  we had our Community Instrument Academy, and it was an incredible day of learning and community connection for our music students. 
        From class of 2027 we had Nesly, Tala, Charlise, and Diego. From class of 2028 we had Joe, Faye, and Chris F. From class of 2029 we had Thomas, Marlene, Nathalia, Josiyah, and Mauro.
         We watched the Northridge Chamber Orchestra perform, and asked hard questions about what high school music looks like, what it's like to be a student musician and athlete, what their favorite memory in music is so far, and what challenges them most as a high school musician.
         Then Nate Wilkinson from Northridge worked with our 6-8th grade band students while Annette Miller worked with our 6th grade orchestra folks. Our advanced students got to practice their leadership skills playing alongside our beginners, and our beginners asked hard questions about what it's like to be an 8th grade musician at Bella. We performed for each other and celebrated our learning as we are in the process of preparing music for our winter concert.
         I am so proud of these students for their vulnerability, honesty, and participation on a Halloweekend. They are creating an extremely positive and welcoming community here at Bella Romero!
  • We had some band students in class of 2027 and 2028 that performed with the Northridge High School Band at a football game for their annual band night! We were joined by middle school students from around the district. Our students gave exceptional effort as they played challenging music and represented Bella's family!

  • rw

    This is a new system we are using for communicating within the bella Romero Academy Family.   If you would like to download app for your phone click on the above image or on this link to be directed to the ReachWell page.  

  • Hands Across Romero

    Hands Across Romero