• Greeley West acts to prohibit the existence of gangs on school property or at any activity associated with or under the general guidance of school authorities.  “Gang” as used in this policy shall mean two or more individuals who associate with each other primarily for criminal, disruptive and/or other activities prohibited by law and/or by the District’s rules and regulations.




    • Shall wear, possess, use, distribute, display, or sell any clothing, jewelry, emblem, badge, symbol, sign, or other thing which is evidence of membership or affiliation with any gang. 
    • Shall draw gang graffiti or distribute gang-related literature. 
    • Shall use any speech or act in furtherance of gang activity. 
    • Shall solicit others for membership in any gang. 
    • Shall request any person to pay protection or otherwise act to extort any person. 
    • Shall commit any other illegal act or other violation of school district policies. 
    • Shall incite other persons to act with physical violence upon any other person. 
    • Shall attend any activity that could be interpreted as relating to gangs or gang activity. 


    Penalties for Violations

    Any student who violates this policy is subject to the rules and regulations of Greeley West High School as it applies to gross misconduct and the student will receive a 3-day suspension.  All gang-related paraphernalia or materials will be confiscated.


    Bullying Prevention and Education

    Bullying behavior can have a negative effect on the school climate and can lead to more serious behaviors affecting the health, safety, and welfare of students. The Board supports a secure school climate, conducive to teaching and learning that is free from threat, harassment and any type of bullying behavior. The purpose of this policy is to promote consistency of approach and to help create a climate in which all types of bullying are regarded as unacceptable. 


    Bullying is the use of coercion to obtain control over another person or to be habitually cruel to another person. Bullying can occur through written, verbal or electronically transmitted expression or by means of a physical act or gesture. Bullying is prohibited on district property, at district or school-sanctioned activities and events, when students are being transported in any vehicle dispatched by the district or one of its schools, or off school property when such conduct has a connection to school or any district curricular or non-curricular activity or event. 


    A student who engages in any act of bullying is subject to appropriate disciplinary action, including suspension, expulsion and/or referral to law enforcement authorities. The severity and pattern of the bullying behavior, if any, shall be considered when disciplinary decisions are made.  Teachers who observe or become aware of bullying shall take appropriate steps to intervene and/or report such behavior to the school principal.  Parents and students who become aware of bullying are encouraged to report it to the school principal.  School principals shall take appropriate steps to educate students about ways to prevent bullying.