Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is the school located? 

    • Come visit us at the former Aims Community College Corporate Education Center at 5590 West 11th Street in Greeley. We are just off of 10th Street near the major intersection of 10th and 59th Avenue: Google Map

    Can high school students really do college work?

    • Yes! Currently the Concurrent Enrollment program in District 6 has a 90% success rate. In Colorado, this same program has an 86% success rate. Students who are challenged in the classroom will rise to meet this challenge. 

    Can I get an A.A. Degree and continue to go to my high school?

    • No, ECA is a new high school and to participate ECA will become your high school. 

    What are the school hours?

    • Currently, school hours are 7:45 a.m. through 3:15 p.m.

    Will school food services be offered?

    • Yes, through the District 6 Nutrition Services department. 

    Will you have busing? 

    • No, students can obtain a free GET bus pass to use the Greeley-Evans city busses. Also, there are very convenient GET bus stops located just outside the high school building. 

    Are there sports at ECA?

    • No, ECA will not have sports outside required PE classes. Students enrolled in ECA may participate in after school extracurricular activities including sports at their attendance area high school. In addition, ECA hosts anywhere from 12-16 clubs a semester! Common clubs at ECA are Art Club, Dance Club and Gaming Club. 

    Will ECA have band, choir or theater?

    • No. Students are required to take a fine arts class for their A.A., but it is not the same as participating in band, choir or theater at a traditional high school. 

    I am enrolled in an evening class with Aims. May I continue to take this class?

    • Yes, but if the class is outside the curriculum offered by ECA, you will need to continue to pay for this course. 

    I would like to take Automotive or another CTE class. Can I choose any class at Aims?

    • No, ECA is built around "Guarantee Transfer" classes and the A.A. program. Students will focus only on classes offered in these programs. In some cases, an A.S. Degree class may replace the A.A. program, but decisions around the A.S. degree program will be made on a case by case basis. 

    I belong to __________ team or participate in __________ activity. Can I continue to participate on that team/activity? 

    • We hope so. Ask your coach or principal of your current school. If the program is a District 6 program, then yes. If not, then you should ask the coach and leadership about your options. 

    Will there be prom?

    • Yes! At a small school, developing school culture is essential. Remember ECA will be smaller than most high school and it is not intended to copy any schools currently in Greeley. It has its own unique school culture. 

    Will I have to take tests?

    • Yes. All sorts. There is much discussion about the Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) testing. We are unsure what changes are in the future for the Colorado testing program, but we are sure that students will need to take some form of standardized assessment through high school. We ask that all student's participate in testing and do their best at all times. 

    In addition, Aims currently gives the Accuplacer as a college entrance exam. ECA students are scheduled to take this exam after their 10th grade year. I want to go to college in California. Can this program help? 

    • Guarantee Transfer classes only transfer to Colorado State Colleges. Students would graduate with an A.A. degree from Aims Community College and a High School diploma, but private colleges and out of state colleges may have their own admission and transfer requirements. I would encourage any student who is wanting to attend a college outside the guarantee transfer agreement to contact that school for more information before beginning with ECA. Of course, we believe that any student who achieves an A.A. degree while in high school will be advanced in their academic skills and benefit from this educational opportunity.