Degrees and Certifications:




    Mark Sedinger

    Allison Duncan


    Course Description:


                Physical Education is a vital part of the total process of education. It is important that our students develop an understanding of the proper total health concept. This involves a development and understanding of the physical, mental, emotional and social well-being of each student involved in the program. Activity classes will allow for every student to learn the basic skills, rules and regulations pertaining to that activity, along with creating a positive learning experience. Physical education should also be FUN for all students involved.


    Course Objectives


    1.      To develop an understanding of the value of physical fitness and acquire a higher degree of fitness through a planned program of physical exercise.

    2.      To understand the values of sportsmanship, teamwork, respect and leadership.

    3.      To achieve various skills in moving the body efficiently through participation in a variety of sports, games and activities.

    4.      To learn to set reasonable goals and apply oneself toward achieving them.

    5.      To aid the student in developing a positive self-concept and appreciation of living a full and healthy life.


    Student Responsibilities


    1.      Class attendance is very important. Being absent or tardy to class will affect your grade. Tardiness will be handled by each instructor.

    2.      Properly prepare yourself for class activities, tests etc each day.

    3.      Participate in all class activities each day with a positive attitude and respect for your instructors and fellow classmates.

    4.      Food and Drinks are prohibited in the gym – water bottles ok!!!

    5.      Stay off all the equipment until the instructor has given you permission.

    6.      Respect all equipment and use it properly.

    7.      Refrain from using foul language and disrespecting other students.

    8.      Keep your hands to yourself!!! Not doing so will result in removal from the class.

    9.      Be in class everyday with a positive attitude about learning and improving your skills and knowledge of the tasks for the day.


    Panther Motto:

    “Pride, Integrity, Excellence, Sportsmanship”



    Physical Education and Fitness


    Tennis shoes are required at all times during PE class.


    Items not permitted to wear on physical education days include:

    1.      boots, sandals, dress shoes, platform sneakers.

    2.      jeans, skirts, dresses

    3.      jewelry

    4.      hats

    5.      No backpacks will be allowed into the gym


    Fitness Testing


                All students will be required to participate in fitness testing. Students will be tested on strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness. Students will do fitness testing twice in a trimester and maybe more frequently if time and gym space permits.




                Students are eligible to receive a 10 point daily participation grade. The grading scale is broken down as follows:


                90% - Physical Education/Fitness Participation

                10% - District FITT assessment

    A =      100 % - 90%             

    B =      89% - 80%

    C =      79% - 70%

    D =      69% - 60%

    F =       59% - 0%