What We Learned Today!

Learning Objectives

  • Here is what we are learning in March!

    • 5th Grade: We are completing our raps and creating backbeats, as well as perfecting the G chord on ukulele and F# on recorder (remember - sharp, not hashtag!).
    • 4th Grade: We are finishing up the purple belt and getting the G chord down! We are also learning about scales and accidentals.
    • 3rd Grade: We are learning the most improtant thing all year: the treble clef! We are also starting recorder.
    • 2nd Grade: We are playing the F chord on ukulele and identifying and placing bar lines and time signatures.
    • 1st Grade: We are learning how to use contour with our voices and how to notate mi, sol, and la.
    • Kindergarten: We are learning how to move our bodies to a beat and identify silent parts of songs.

    Check back next week to see what awesome things we're learning!


    **Even with COVID-19, I will make sure our Google Classrooms are up to date so that you can keep learning as much as you can! I miss you all already!**


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