Nutrition Services is pleased to announce an exciting opportunity for teachers and students.
    Culinary Classroom is a program designed for K-8 classrooms to introduce culinary skills, nutrition education, and healthy eating habits to students.
    Culinary Life Skills is a program designed for high school classrooms to give students the knowledge and tools to make healthy choices and be independent in the kitchen. 
    Each class includes a short nutritional education piece and a culinary demonstration with taste testing. 

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  • General Nutrition Education

    Presentation varies between grade levels, but in general, students will learn about "What's on MyPlate?" For the younger students, this can include identifying food groups and/or the importance of choosing a healthy breakfast. For older students, the presentation introduces topics of disease prevention, food choices, and taking responsibility for their eating habits.


    Students will learn about the importance of breakfast. Depending on grade level, students will learn about making healthy breakfast choices, the importance of including protein , or incorporating quick and healthy breakfast into their daily lives.

    Farm to School

    Students will will learn about where their food comes from. For younger students, a focus on Weld County foods, local agriculture, and gardening will be introduced. Older students may focus on Colorado agriculture and sustainability practices.

    Culinary Careers (6-12 ONLY)

    Students will learn on culinary techniques and advances skills needed for specific culinary careers. Students will learn about foodservice, childhood nutrition, and culinary arts industries.

    Love Food Hate Waste

    This class focuses on reducing waste in student's diet. This includes knowing what parts of the plant can be consumed, how to know when food is still good to eat, and celebrating misshapen fruits and vegetables.