Smoothie Bike
  • The District 6 smoothie bike was donated by Healthy Kids Club to provide schools with a way to incorporate nutrition and physical activity into the school day and after school activities. The smoothie bike has grown in popularity, and is now frequently requested by both schools and community partners. Not only is the smoothie bike a fun activity for schools and community organizations, it aligns well with the District 6 strategic plan (Innovation2020), and the District 6 wellness policy

  • How it works

    The smoothie bike works like any other blender - except it uses mechanical energy to blend the ingredients! Place all your ingredients in the blender, mount and strap the blender in place. Have students or adults pedal away to blend the smoothie into a smooth consistency! What better way to promote physical activity and nutrition at the same time?!
  • Use this bike at:

    • Staff meetings
    • Healthy classroom parties
    • Wellness nights and wellness fairs
    • Competition between classes to promote better results (fundraising, physical activity programs/clubs)
    • Community events