Kerkes Classroom News

Heiman Husky news
  • Hello everyone, and welcome back to school!  I hope you had a wonderful, relaxing summer.


    Here is what is happening in our classroom the first three weeks:




    Math:               We will begin with place value, both with large numbers and decimals.   This year

                           I am super excited about our flipped classroom!  Our students will be doing their

                           lessons at home, using a website called Zearn.  Then they will come in the next day

                           and we will go over their lesson set, answer questions, and do more practice

                           problems.  Additionally we will have mathematical Socratic Seminars, play math

                           games, and continue our blended learning with ST math.  It's going to be a great year!


    Writing:            This year we are trying a new approach in writing.  We will be incorporating both science and

                           social studies content into our writing curriculum.  That way we can connect all these important

                           subjects together. 


    Science:            We will begin with water, weather, and natural resources, as well as mixtures and solutions.


    Social Studies:    Get ready for some exciting units in economics, native american culture, and the big history project.


    Check back here for weekly updates! Thanks for visiting our classroom site!