• School Gardens


    Picture of West High Salsa Garden
    School gardens provide a unique, hands-on learning environment for students, teachers and community members. A school garden is a perfect resource for nutritional education, but can also be incorporated into science, math, social studies, art and many other curriculums. A school garden not only serves as an educational tool, but also a place where students can work cooperatively and take pride in their accomplishments.



    How to Incorporate a School Garden

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    There are countless ways to utilize the products of a school garden and incorporate your students and staff. Some examples include:
    • Using garden produce in the school cafeteria (especially in salad bars)
    • Donating produce to local homeless shelter, food bank or women's shelter
    • Selling Produce or home-made garden product for a fundraiser
    • Recruiting sports teams, school clubs, or summer programs to work the garden during the summer or holidays
    • Creating an "outdoor" classroom and incorporating garden into curriculum
    Picture of Salsa Garden Produce
    Nutrition Services wants to encourage and support all school and community garden projects. Last year, we sponsored the salsa garden at West (pictured left). As the number of school gardens continues to grow, we want to standardize the process so developing, implementing and harvesting school gardens is easy for everyone involved. If you are interested in starting a school garden, we have developed a standardized application process that allows you to quickly approve your site with the Facilities Department and have access to resources that can help establish and sustain your garden. 

    Garden Application

    This document has been complied to help ease the process of starting a garden and create a plan to maintain the garden over time. In this application, you will find the following: 
    • Starting a School Garden Checklist
    • Facilities Garden Application
      Quickly have your site approved by the district Facilities Department
    • Rentable Equipment Inventory & Request Form
      If you need small garden tools or supplies for your garden, you can rent them free of charge from Nutrition Services and return them when you are finished using them.
    • Resources

    Garden to Cafeteria

    The Garden to Cafeteria (GTC) program is a unique opportunity for Weld County School District 6 students to grow fresh fruis and vegetables in their school gardens with the aim of supplying some of their harvest to the school cafeterias to be used at lunch service.  this program gives the opportunity for school garden groups to earn money that can go back into the garden and allow it to be a sustainable part of the school community.  In addition, playing an active role in growing produce that's served to their peers gives students a sense of accomplishment and pride.