World Book Online

  • Greeley-Evans District 6 provides access to World Book Online to every student!

    Find the link to World Book Online after logging into Clever (see Shawsheen's front page)!

  • Reading & Literacy Links

    These links will take you to a variety of places with reading and literacy building skills.


    You can get a virtual library card from High Plains Library District! In order to make the card permenant, you must go to the library with proof of address and an adult in your household. 

  • Technology Boosters

    These links are online access to programs that boost technology & related skills...

  • Science and Social Studies Links

    Links to sites where you can find games and activities about the sciences or social studies.

  • Math Boosters

    These links are online access to math programs that align with elementary education...

  • Other Educational Links

    These links are online access to programs that encouraging kids to grow their skills.

    This is the world wide web, so do keep in mind some websites contain advertising.

    For example: 

    Websites contain ads.