• Step-Off Leadership Incentive Plan

    This plan is an option for employees who are currently on the MA60/EDS, or EDD/PhD, and Step 25 and would otherwise be frozen in the following year.  

    To honor the continuing good work you do to improve the lives of students and colleagues, your building, our District, and yourself as a professional, the plan allows you to earn the equivalent of 1/4 of a horizontal advancement each year. This amounts to a permanent, ongoing salary increase of approximately 0.625%, in addition to raises added to the schedule. Eligible employees may earn one incentive each year.


    • 3 Semester Credits of coursework and/or District Professional Development Credits (1 Semester Credit = 15 "seat hours"; 3 Semester Credits = 45 "seat hours")


    • Individual project(s) utilizing your experience and expertise. Approximately 22-23 hours (half the "seat hours" of 3 Semester Credits)


    • A combination of coursework and project(s). For example:
      • 1 Semester Credit plus project(s) of approximately 15 hours
      • 2 Semester Credit plus project(s) of approximately 7-8 hours

    Your coursework and/or projects will be done in the year preceding the year the salary advancement is to be awarded. You are, of course, not limited to these minimums, and projects may be a continuation of the great work you are already doing. You are encouraged to consult with your principal and take into account the needs of your building. *Projects should not create ongoing financial obligation for the building.  


    1. In the fall of the year preceding the year the salary advancement is to be awarded, decide on coursework and/or project(s).
    2. Complete STEP-OFF LEADERSHIP PLAN FORM #1 by the last day of the first
    3. semester in the year preceding the year the salary incentive is to be awarded.
      1. If you are getting approval from your principal/supervisor, have them send an email to Amy in human resources (aspruce@greeleyschools.org)  by the last day of the first semester in the year preceding the year the salary incentive is to be awarded.
    4. Complete the coursework and/or project(s) prior to September 1 in the year the salary advancement will be awarded.
    5. Complete STEP-OFF LEADERSHIP FORM #2 and have your principal send an email to human resources confirming completion by October 1 for salary advancement.  If you completed coursework, then submit your official transcript to Amy in human resources (aspruce@greeleyschools.org) by October 1.


    • Teach a professional development course, either at your building or district-wide (if you are doing this as step-off, the PD stipend is not available)
    • Mentor new teachers new to your team or by principal request
    • Work with the building professional development team to assist teachers with follow-up implementation
    • Design a project intended to improve parent(s) guardian(s) engagement with their child and the school
    • Design a project to increase performance on standardized assessments.


    If you have questions or want input on a project idea, please contact human resources.

    Annette Overton, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources

    Erin Snyder, Greeley Education Association President