Standards Information

  • In second grade, the students will be learning the Core Knowledge Curriculum. There will be 6 Units that teach phonics, decoding, blending, fluency, and writing. Core Knowledge also provides 12 Domains that focus on listening and learning skills. The 12 Domains include; D1 Fairy Tales and Tall Tales, D2 Early Asian Civilization, D3 Ancient Greek Civilizations, D4 Greek Myths, D5 War of 1812, D6 Cycles in Nature, D7 Westward Expansion, D8 Insects, D9 US Civil War, D10 Human Body, D11 Immigration, D12 Fighting for a Cause. These domains will be extended during the science and social studies block. 
    Second graders are following Zearn. Zearn provides 8 missions that include: M1 Adding and Subtracting Friendly Numbers, M2 Explore Length, M3 Counting and Place Value, M4 Adding, Subtracting, and Solve, M5 Add and Subtract Big Numbers, M6 Equal Groups, M7 Length, Money, and Data, and M8 Shapes, Time, and Fractions.
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