Weekly Homework is due every Friday!

  • Each week I will be sending home a yellow folder. 

    Inside that folder will be some work that your child has completed, some papers for you to sign and return, and the weekly homework assignment.

    These assignments include:

    • A Reading Log - please have your child read 20 minutes a day and answer the questions about what they read that day on the reading log. Record how long they read for and initial. Your child goes to library each week and should be bringing home a book to read in order to complete this assignment. If they do not have a book, they can use the fluency passage or it might be a great opportunity for you to take a family trip to the library together! Here are some other resources to help get a book in your child's hands - 

    Reading Log

    • A Fluency Passage - your child needs to read this passage once everyday. You need to time them for one minute and circle what word they get to when the minute is up. Record the number of words they read (use the numbers on the side to help) and the amount of errors they made to determine the correct number of words they can read per minute. Their goal is to read more words correctly each night. Please initial. There are comprehension questions for them to answer about the passage on the back.

    Fluency Passage Comprehension Questions

    • Math Facts - Students need to answer these facts each week to help them keep up on their math fluncy. Adding and subtracting within 20 is the foundation for all the math we do in second grade so it is important that students can answer these problems with automaticty. 

    Math Facts


















    • A Math Homework Page - this page reviews math concepts we are working on in class each week. It is important that students understand how to do these problems to ensure mastery on upcoming assessments. I will sometimes provide helpful videos or models on how to solve these math problems so that you can help your child at home. If you ever have questions don't hesititate to ask! This math can somtimes be complex for even adults to understand. 

    Math Homework














    ***If students become frustrated or unmotivated during homework please go to www.gonoodle.com and do a brain break with your child. They love to dance and it's a great way for them to reboot so they can finish their homework strong. If you don't have access to this website, take a couple of minutes and do a fun exercise or activity with your child like stretching, singing a song, or going outside to play a game. Homework should be a fun bonding experience to help further your child's education and solifiy what they work on during the day. It should be easy--not stressful!

    This folder is due every Friday. Everything must be completed for your child to attend Friday Fun and recieve dojo points. Any incomplete or not returned homework will lose your child Friday Fun and dojo points.

    A note about Friday Fun: This is a privilege that only children who are responsible in completing and returning all of their homework on Friday as well as who have worked hard all week in class without any disiciplary issues can earn. Please talk to your children about the imortance of doing schoolwork and following directions. Everyone is capable of earning this reward. I don't want anyone to be left out!