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  • Stay up to date on how your child is doing in class by joining me on Class Dojo! I will be sending home papers with codes on them for you to access your child on Class Dojo. Once you have the code you can go to to enter it. This code will connect you to my class and can also be done through e-mail or text. If you lose the code or need a new one, just ask! Once you enter the code, you'll be able to see the points your child earns and loses on a daily basis and why. This is also a great way for me to send you messages if needed and for you to message me. Sometimes I will post videos and pictures of things going on inside our classroom so you can be a part of the fun too! 

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    This year we are working on ways to have a Growth Mindset. We are discovering that when we make mistakes our brains actually grow and so it is important not to give up. By having a Growth Mindset, students realize that they may not have the answer yet or be able to do something yet, but that eventually if they keep trying they will get it! Not everyone learns at the same rate or in the same way, and struggling is okay. Use the address below to watch Growth Mindest videos with your child. Then, discuss the importance of having a Growth Mindset. Together, we can encourage and motivate our students to achieve new challenges this year!


    Episode 5: Take-Home Questions

    We're watching a video series about how students can develop a growth mindset! Watch it at:

    1. Sometimes when we are working on a challenging task, we may think, "just try harder." Is there a way to change this phrase?
    2. What are some strategies we can use when facing a big challenge, so that we don't burn out?
    3. Brainstorm phrases we can use to keep us going when facing a challenge (e.g., "Nice effort trying to solve that math problem!")