Language Support Services

  • Parents/Guardians:
    The instructions on this page are for Greeley-Evans School District 6 employees. If you are a parent/guardian and you need interpretation / translation services, please contact your child’s school. Thank you.


    District Employees:
    Greeley-Evans School District 6 has a very diverse multicultural population speaking many languages. District 6 is committed to communicating with all parents, including parents who may speak and understand a language other than English. District 6 provides interpretation through the “CTS-Language Link” and D6 Interpreters to facilitate daily communication regarding matters that impact a student's education.  Below you will find instructions on how to access the “CTS-Language Link” and how to request a D6 Interpreter.  If you need assistance, please contact us at the Family Center at any time at: or 970-348-4700.


Interpreter Services

  • OPTION 1:  CTS-Language Link

    For individual parent conversations and parent conference meetings, we highly encourage the use of our phone service “CTS- Language Link”.  Connect with someone in minutes using a speakerphone or cell phone speaker.  This service can be used to call home as well as for face-to-face meetings.

    **Family Center employees would be glad to come to your school to demonstrate how this system works.


    How to Use the “CTS-Language Link” phone service

    CTS Language Link

    Step 1: Call 1-888-338-7394

    Step 2: Enter Account Number 19748, followed by # sign

    Step 3: Select 1 to be connected directly to a Spanish interpreterSelect 2 to be connected directly to a Russian Interpreter    

                Select 3 to be connected directly to a Vietnamese Interpreter

                Select 9 for all other languages

    **If you require a 3rd party call, press 9 to reach a Customer Service Representative

    Step 4:  Enter School Location Code, followed by the # sign

    Step 5:  Put your phone of “SPEAKER”.

    Step 6:  The Finance Department will send the school a bill for the service and the school will submit a Purchase Order for payment.

    OPTION 2: In-Person Interpreter/Translator


    Step 1:   Make sure you have administrator permission to hire an interpreter/translator for a job. Your school/program will be responsible for the $15.65 hourly rate.  NOTE: After PERA, the actual hourly rate will total $18.95 - but $15.65 should be entered on the one-time-pay form.


    Step 2:  Do you need an interpreter or a translator? These two words will be used to describe "skill set." 

      Interpretation = verbal help to facilitate conversations

      Translation = taking something written in one language and putting it into a different language


    Step 3:  Make sure you know the language you need and when you need the support.  Be careful to hire the correct language/dialect the family speaks. For example, Karen and Karenni (languages from Myanmar/Burma) are very different from one another.


    Step 4:  Access the Interpreter/Translator Services 2017-2018 GOOGLE DOC to see a list of approved linterpreters/translators.  You will need to click the language tab on the bottom of the document. If you do not have access to the GOOGLE DOC, please contact the Family Center.



    Step 5:  Starting at the top of the list (ordered by availability and response rate), use the provided phone numbers to call potential interpreters.  If you are calling for support for parent-teacher conferences, please call at least two weeks in advance. Some schools book these as early as 5 weeks ahead of time.  If you are unable to reach an interpreter, cannot find someone who can meet the scheduling requirements, or if you need help making phone calls, please call the FAMILY CENTER for assistance.


    Step 6:  When the interpreter comes for the job, make sure to have them fill out a Single Employee One-Time-Pay form (available in your school office or on iVisions).  DO NOT send the form with the interpreter. Provide them with a copy if they ask.  Make sure the form is SIGNED by an administrator, that it has an ACCOUNT CODE, and then send it to PAYROLL using inter-office mail.

    CLICK HERE for a PDF of CTS-Language Links directions

    IEP Meeting Process for Spanish speaking families


    Step 1:  Please contact Special Education Interpreters for Spanish IEP meetings. They will bring their own recorders.

    Laura Lanphear:   970-348-6106  or email at:

    Lidia Baca – 970-348-6108 or email at:

    Elsa Cox – 970-348-6283 or email at: 


  • Students should not be used as interpreters, especially when relaying academic or behavioral information to parents.


    What if I do not know my CTS-Language Link Account number?
    You do need this information in order to reach the interpreter directly. If you are unsure of your account number, please contact the Family Center at ext: 6040 for assistance.


    What is a third party call? 
    A third party call is when you need CTS LanguageLink to call the LEP client and then bridge the call together with you and the interpreter.


    How do I make a third party call with CTS LanguageLink?
    If you need a third party call, press 9 (even for Spanish) to reach a Customer Service Representative (CSR) and let the operator know you need a third party call. They are happy to assist you with this request at no additional charge. Their interpreters are not able to make the third party call directly.


    I need another language other than the ones listed.  How do I get my interpreter on the line?
    Press 9 for other languages and let the CSR know which language you require and they will connect you.


    Will you need interpretation for multiple people in the same language at one event?
    Talk and Listen Kits may be the answer. D6 has this helpful tool for large group interpreting. An interpreter is set up with the voice-silencing PrivacyMic microphone, which is connected to a transmitter. Listeners in the audience are equipped with a receiver. 

    The district has a total of three (3) kits for checkout. Each kit comes with 12 Headsets and 1 Microphone. The Headsets/Microphone can be checked out for a maximum of 3 school days per request. To checkout interpreter Devices headsets with microphone, please fill out the GOOGLE FORM. Once a request is recieved, the devices will be delivered to the person via district mail or you have the option of picking them up at the Family Center.

    If you have any questions or need assistance please call the Family Center at 970-348-4700 or email: