Power Students of the Month

    DECEMBER (Respect): Keenan Foley
    Keenan exemplifies what it means to be a gentleman and shows respect both inside and outside the classroom. His teachers appreciate how grateful he is when he comes in for extra help and admire his willingness to tutor and help out his classmates. He is polite and attentive and shows responsibility for himself and our school. Keenan is one of the students that ECA teachers can trust and count on to help out whenever there’s a need. He’s the first to jump in when events need to be set up or when there are staff members or other students in need.
    “Not only does Keenan carry himself in a confident and respectful manner, but he also commands the respect of his friends and peers. Often times I’ll be doing something physical like setting up an assembly, and if he’s around he will just start helping or ask what he can do to help while having his friends help as well. He goes out of his way for others and he doesn’t ask for anything in return nor does he expect it. He could easily sit and be lazy if he wants to but instead he chooses to give his energy to others and that’s a commendable characteristic.  How we operate in life and how we treat each other says a lot about us, and when you act as he does it not only strengthens our school, it bonds us and makes us stronger as a community. He is a born leader and someone who I respect because of how he acts and how he sets an example for others.” (Anthony Martinez, Building Manager and Art Club Sponsor)

    NOVEMBER (Effort): Lindsey Packer
    Lindsey truly exemplifies how to succeed in both high school and college courses. Her high academics prove how much effort she puts into all her classwork – if there’s a chance to earn extra or to get extra help from teachers or tutors, she takes it.
    “Lindsey gives outstanding effort every day in Algebra.  She is consistently prepared for class; her homework is always completed on time and she spends time outside of class studying for tests and quizzes. Lindsey puts in extra effort by completing every bonus opportunity that is provided in Algebra.  She is willing to help her peers learn math and works very well with group members. It is a pleasure to have such a great student who gives 110% effort!” (Jodee Rupple, Math Instructor)

    OCTOBER (Work): Maria Onciu
    Maria is a highly-involved student who participates in Spanish Club, Creative Writing Club, and No Place for Hate. Her personal drive to take ownership of her own learning is impressive, and her constant curiosity has led to deep critical thinking and exemplary creativity in both class discussions and writing responses. Her debate skills put her in a class above her peers, and she is always prepared and comfortable doing oral presentations.
    "Maria is a student that not just exemplifies Work, but also exemplifies all the POWER traits (Pride, Ownership, Work, Effort, and Respect). She is a hard-working, dedicated student who loves learning both inside and outside the classroom. Her dedication has resulted in the highest exam grade in Environmental Science among all sections. Maria is a bright student who is a pleasure to have in class." (Raymond Chard, Environmental Science Instructor)

    SEPTEMBER (Ownership): Lupita Rodriguez
    Lupita is a student that we are so lucky to have in our school! She is an active member of student council and a founding member of No Place for Hate. She takes on so many leadership roles, even when not required of her, and goes out of her way to help both teachers and other students. During Spirit Week, Lupita shows tons of school spirit and encourages others to do the same – she is definitely a great example of how students can take ownership of their school!
    "Lupita is a student that I trust implicitly. Not only is she responsible for getting her own work done, she is always willing to help other students out and even checks in with her teachers to find out if there’s more she can do. She’s stepped in to help start new clubs and helped organized school events and activities. She also took part in ECA’s first Talent Show last year. Lupita is a student that is definitely ready for the type of academic ownership that I’d like to see of all college students.” (Chelaine Hoffer, Academic Seminar Instructor)

    AUGUST (Pride): Elizabeth Neer
    Elizabeth is actively involved in Student Council and served as Freshman Vice President during the 2015-2016 school year. She is also responsible for the creation of ECA’s new Recycling Program.
    "Elizabeth Neer was here at the opening of ECA as a freshman where she has displayed PRIDE since day one! She has always been an exceptionally good citizen: encouraging her peers, treating others kindly, and listening to others respectfully. Lizzy has been involved in the planning and executing of school events and activities being an engaged member of student council. In class, she takes on the leadership role within her groups. At the end of summer break, she voluntarily came to school to help out the teachers where needed, which exemplifies "working to improve ECA and its programs." Lizzy dresses for success, following the District dress code, because she has PRIDE in herself and the college learning environment. One thing that's always part of her outfit is a smile! Lizzy's sweet spirit is a part of ECA's legacy and we are all PROUD of her!” (Tiffany Kredo, Language Arts Instructor)