• Heath Middle School offers robotics classes as part of the school day.  It is an elective which supports academic learning while having fun! The courses are offered to 35 sixth graders, 35 seventh graders, and 35 eighth graders.  Students must sign up for this course during the registration period.  Sixth and seventh graders participate in the FIRST Lego League robotics.  We work on Ev3 robots which are built out of Legos and programmed with a block program called Lego Mindstorms.  Sixth graders do basic programming to accomplish missions on the FIRST mission table.  Seventh and eighth graders program at a more advanced level, working with color, gyro, touch, and ultrasonic sensors.  They also work on completing the missions on the Lego mission table.  Both sixth and seventh graders are required to attend a regional competition in the fall held at Heath Middle School.  This is an all-day Saturday event.  Should your student's team make it to state, they would have another Saturday commitment in January.  
    Eighth graders work on the Textrix robotics kit.  This robot is built with metal beams.  The robot is controlled with game pads and cellphones.  The teams are required to program using either MIT App Inventor or Google's Blockly program.  This team has a Saturday commitment in January to compete.  Should they make it to state, there would be another Saturday commitment.  Currently, we have enough supplies for one 8th grade team but are hoping to gather funds to purchase another kit for the 2017-18 school year.  8th graders who have not been part of the program for the 2016-17 school year may work on the Lego kits.  
     New for 2017-18 school year: Heath Middle School is pleased to announce that we will have one kit for battle robotics.  The selection process for this team will be rigorous and first consideration will be given to those who have gone through the lower levels of the program.  This team will have at least one Saturday commitment, although that has yet to be determined.  
    All robotics program require an application process.  For more information contact Angela Arvola at 970.576.5145 or aarvola2@greeleyschools.org