• CAS - Creativity, Action, and Service


    The CAS requirement is a fundamental part of the IB program and takes seriously the importance of life outside the world of scholarship, providing a refreshing counterbalance to academic studies.

    • Creativity is interpreted broadly to include a wide range of arts activities as well as the creativity students demonstrate in designing and implementing service projects.
    • Activity can include not only participation in individual and team sports but also taking part in expeditions and in local or international projects.
    • Service encompasses a host of community and social service activities. Some examples include helping children with special needs, visiting hospitals and working with refugees or homeless people.

    Students are expected to be involved in CAS activities for 18 months and update their ManageBac account every month.

    Each school appoints a CAS supervisor who is responsible for providing a varied choice of activities for students. Programs are monitored by IB regional offices.

    A system of self-evaluation encourages students to reflect on the benefits of CAS participation to themselves and to others, and to evaluate the understanding and insights acquired.

    Supervisor: Brenda Walker

    CAS Handbook