The Extended Essay: What is it, Why do I do it, and When do I get started

  • DP Students, all your dates, deadlines, templates, etc are in this lovely EE Timeline provided by T. Krause

  • What is the Extended Essay?

    An in-depth essay on a topic of the student's choice from the approved list of courses

    4000 words

    ~40 hours of research

    How is it scored?

    Criteria A: Focus and Method

    Criteria B: Knowledge and Understanding

    Criteria C: Critical Thinking

    Criteria D: Presentation

    Criteria E: Engagement

    How is it Assessed?

    out of 36 points on an A-E scale: A=Excellent & E=Elementary


  • Extended Essay Coordinator: Travis Krause

    For questions contact:

How to do the EE