The Extended Essay: What is it, Why do I do it, and When do I Get Started

  • Extended Essay Coordinator: Gary Shaver

    For questions contact:

  • What is the Extended Essay?

    An in-depth essay on a topic of the student's choice from the approved list of courses

    4000 words

    ~40 hours of research

    How is it scored?

    Criteria A: Focus and Method

    Criteria B: Knowledge and Understanding

    Criteria C: Critical Thinking

    Criteria D: Presentation

    Criteria E: Engagement

    How is it Assessed?

    out of 36 points on an A-E scale: A=Excellent & E=Elementary


How to do the EE
  • Extended Essay timeline for Juniors 

    • Oct. 12th: decided on subject and supervisor.   Submitted Signed contract to Mr. Shaver
    • November 15th: discuss research question with supervisor have met with the librarian to discuss research question
    • Mid December: prove the viability of proposed research question with 5-8 sources and share with supervisor
    • January: Complete first reflection with supervisor--subject, research question, sources
    • End of February: EE Presentation in IB Cafe
    • March 28: OUTLINE & write first 2,000 words minimum & meet with Supervisor
    • April: In homeroom, complete Rough Draft 3,000-4,000 words & meet with supervisor
    • Email parents student’s plan @ the end of May

    Upon request, students may go to UNC Michener Library for research assistance. 

    This is for help narrowing/clarifying research question, finding sources for your research, and/or having a college professor provide feedback on your paper. 

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