• The IB Internal Assessment The Internal Assessment (IA) is unique to the International Baccalaureate.

  • What is it?

    • The IA is a unique partnership between the student, the instructor, and the IB examiner. While neither the instructor nor the student ever has contact with the examiner, all are working from the exact set of criteria in constructing, guiding, and evaluating the finished product.
    • The IA can be a paper, project, oral exam, workbook, or series of experiments, depending on the individual IB class.
      • Oral work in languages
      • fieldwork in geography
      • laboratory work in the sciences
      • investigations in math
      • artistic performances and portfolios
    • The IA is heavily criterion-referenced and is marked internally by the course instructor. THEN, the IB then selects a sample of all completed IA’s per class and these are forwarded to IB

    How is it scored?

    • Examiners throughout the world for “moderation.” Moderation in this case means reviewing the accuracy of the internal marking.
    • Grades are then extended to all students completing the IA. For example, if a paper is rated internally at a 20 and is moderated at an 18, then all papers rated at a 20 (those not included in the sample) will receive a score of 18.
    • Experienced IB teachers who have been through prior IA moderation are often very accurate criterion-referenced markers. In such cases, the moderator will simply confirm the teacher’s internal marking with an occasional point added or taken away.

    -modified from Pennsylvania International Academy  

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    IB Literature           

    IB Language B (Foreign) SL   

    IB Math HL             

    IB Math SLIB Math Studies

    IB Biology SL         

    IB Chemistry SL           

    IB Physics SL

    IB History HL

    IB Film HL              

    IB Music    

    IB Theatre    

    IB Visual Arts


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