National Academy Foundation (NAF) Academy of Engineering (AOE)


    NAF Academies focused on Engineering pathways answers an acute need for engineers in this country by educating high school students on the principles of engineering and providing content in the expanding fields of electronics, biotech, aerospace, civil engineering, and architecture. From 2012-2022, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that 180,000 new engineering jobs will be created. Women make up just 13% of the engineering workforce. Additionally, African American and Latino workers represent 29% of the general workforce population, but only 12% of the engineering workforce (US News 2015). NAF is working to recruit a diverse student body in engineering academies to fill this gap. 


    The NAF - Northridge High School STEM Academy Engineering Endorsement was established in the Fall of 2012.  The sequence of coursework for the Engineering Endorsement is listed below. In addition to the courses identified, students may elect to pursue a variety of related District 6 electives, industry certifications, and concurrent enrollment options available through Aims Community College*. 


    NAF STEM Academy -  Engineering Endorsement Course Sequence:

    9th Grade           Principles of Engineering and Technology

    10th Grade         3D Modeling/Aims CAD 255 SolidWorks*^

    11th Grade          Introduction to Engineering Design

    12th Grade          Architectural Design/Aims CAD 224 REVIT*

    Additional requirements:

    Physics or AP Physics


    David Isley - Engineering Instructor

    Zachary Romer - Engineering & Science Instructor

    Kristie Julien - Mathematics & Engineering Instructor

    Machin Norris - STEM Academy Coordinator