Frequently Asked Questions

    Will I hear from human resources about next steps?
    • HR will contact you with salary information.
    • Upon your acceptance you will receive a Letter of Intent which you will need to sign, date, and return to HR.
    • Further information on attending a New Employee Orientation and other hiring requirements will be forthcoming.
    • Keep in mind, human resources will keep in contact with you via District email about which hiring requirements are still needed.
    When do I complete paperwork for payroll?
    • You will need to attend a New Employee Orientation hosted by HR and payroll. New Employee Orientation is where you complete your payroll paperwork, find out about benefits and induction, complete Form I9, and get introduced to the district.
    What do I need to bring to New Employee Orientation?
    • Please bring official transcripts, beneficiary information like social security numbers, CDE license, cancelled check for direct deposit, and documents which indicate you are eligible for working in the United States (use to complete form I9). You can see examples of these documents by going to the website in the HR department folder labeled New Hire or by reviewing the list of approved documents attached to this packet.
    Do I have to attend trainings prior to starting school?
    • Your principal or supervisor will indicate if you have classes you need to take. Additionally, Professional Development (348-6280) can tell you when these classes are held. Simply register on Wisdomwhere.
    If I am coming from out of state, when do I need to be in Colorado?
    • You can determine your date by the registration timeline for trainings and orientations you are required to attend. You will receive this information by email to the email address you provided in your application.
    When will benefits start?
    • They begin the first day following the month you are hired. For all employees starting the first day of school, the benefits date will be September 1. 
    When do I get my contract?
    • If hired prior to the school year starting, your contract “employee documents” will be published in August. Otherwise within 30 days of hire, you will receive a District 6 email when your contract has been published to the Infinite Visions portal along with instructions on how to electronically accept it.
    How can I get a copy of my contract?
    • Go to - Staff - Infinite Visions and login to the portal. During the same school year, you will be able to access your contract "employee document" and save it as a pdf or print it. If you need to access a contract from a previous school year, contact Cynthia Szabo in Human Resources at 348-6071.
    I have copies of transcripts at home. Will they work?
    • As long as the transcripts that you have at home are official and confer your degree, then these transcripts will work. Photocopies of official transcripts can be uploaded into your application or emailed to
    I am having trouble logging into Infinite Visions. What do I do?
    • Contact Mary Mitchell at 348-6126.
    I am having trouble with Infinite Campus. What do I do?
    • Work with your Office Manager. If he/she is unable to help you they will direct you.
    How do I enroll my children in school?
    • Contact Renee Fleecs at 348-6265.
    I am graduating college in May. How do I apply for my CDE teaching license?
    I need to renew my CDE teaching license. What do I need to do?
    • Go to 
    • You will need:
      • Official transcripts for 6 semester credits or 90 clock hours of continuing education.
        • For a District 6 transcript contact Sandra McClure at 348-6280 and ask for an official district transcript as of "your current license issue date"
        • And/or photocopy of any college/university official transcripts.
      • A legible copy of your current unexpired driver's license. (Your driver's license must not expire during the application process.)
      • A copy of your current teaching license.