Helpful Hints for Kindergarten Parents

  • Kindergarten is an exciting time, but comes with lots of changes - for both you and your child! These are some helpful tips I have found that make the transition easier into kindergarten. 


    Getting Ready for School to Start: 

    • A few weeks before school starts, introduce an earlier bedtime. I've noticed kiddos that go to bed earlier are ready to learn when they come to school.
    • Make sure your child knows how they will be getting to and from school. Whether you drop them off, they take the bus, or they get home otherwise, it's important each student feels secure in getting to and from school. 
    • Make sure your student is in the habit of eating breakfast. 
    • Know that you and I are a team. I want to work with you to make this year joyful for your child. If something is going on or you have a concern, please speak with me! I have an open door policy. 
    • Promote the attitude of respect for rights and property of others. 


    Once School Gets Started: 

    • Please be on time!
    • Please minimize the amount of time your student misses from school. When you take your student out of school, it is extremely difficult for them to catch up. We have a lot of learning to do this year!
    • GET INVOLVED. I love having parents in my classroom and can always use the extra help. With 24 kindergartners, there is lots to do. 
    • Treat going to school as part of the normal course of events. The more positive you are about going to school, the more eager your child will be. 
    • Read with your child every night. Reading is vital to developing the language skills your child needs.