5th Grade at Shawsheen Elementary

  • Welcome to 5th grade! We have lots of fun here in 5th grade, but we also work very hard!

    We are looking forward to our YMCA field trip on May 4, 2020! Information will be coming soon!


    The best way to prepare for 5th-grade math is to practice multiplication and division facts! 

    These are tip sheets to help parents and students with examples of problems that they will be learning in class. You can access vocabulary, step-by-step problems, and a way to understand the importance of this modules.

    Module 1

    Module 2

    Module 3

    Module 4

    Module 5

    Module 6


    Here are some other websites for practicing math:

    Khan Academy


    Math Playground



    In 5th grade we READ, READ, READ!! We not only read for fun, but we read to learn. The expectation is that you are reading at home. You can read to yourself, read to a family member, a friend, or even to a pet! Great readers practice all the time! 

    Here are some of my favorite reading websites! Some of them are websites where you can find reading material and some websites will read aloud stories so that you can enjoy listening to stories! 

    ReadWorks Passages

    Storyline Online

    Book Adventure

    National Geographic Learning



    Writing is our favorite time of the day! We will be learning about how to write personal narratives, publishing our own fiction story, sharing our opinions through writing, how to research and publish the research, we will be writing step by step instructions, and writing! Along with writing, we will be exploring literature that teaches us about specific types of writing! If you ever write a story in your spare time, please email them to us! Just like reading, the more you practice, the better writer you will be!  


    Social Studies/Science:

    In 5th grade science, we will be learning about mixtures and solutions, organisms and structures of those organisms, earth resources, earth landforms, weather, and human growth and development. We will be busy in science doing experiments, going on virtual field trips, and doing lots of fun reading! 

    In social studies, fifth graders will learn about, the first Americans, the exploration that took place in the North America, settlement in our country, life in the Colonies, the American Revolution, and how our country evolved into what it is today.