• Kindergarten Parent Information


    • On the first day of school, you may walk your child to class.  We will have an activity for your child to do at the tables/desks.  After a short time, we will ask parents to say goodbye.  The school is hosting our annual “Boo-Hoo Breakfast” for parents after school begins.  It’s a great place to meet the parents of your child’s classmates.


    • Snack Time:  We will have a snack each afternoon.  Please send in two boxes or bags with your child each semester to be shared with the class.  Snacks need to be store bought and peanut free (see attached list for possible choices).  Healthy choices are encouraged.


    • Birthdays: Due to limited instructional time, we do not have parents come in to celebrate with the class.  We will celebrate as a class on their special day.  If you would like to send treats for your child’s birthday, that would be great but please no cakes. Please do not send party invitations to school unless there is an invitation for every child.


    • Parties:  We will have three class parties throughout the year:  Halloween, Winter and Valentine’s Day.


    • Parent Helpers:  The Kindergarten Team would love to have volunteer help throughout the school year.   Any adult working with children is required to complete a background check with the district.  Log on to www.greeleyschools.org and click on the Get Involved icon.  After school begins, we will send home a parent helper form for you to complete if you are interested.  We will begin utilizing parent helpers in October.


    • Lunch Routine:  Your child will be eating lunch from 11:00-11:45. You are welcome to come have lunch with your child!  Please sign in at the office and get a visitor’s badge. Please pay for hot lunches before school in the cafeteria.  If your child brings a lunch box, make sure it is labeled on the outside with their name.


    • Attendance:  It is very important your child comes to school every day and arrive on time.  If your child is ill or unable to attend, please call the office within half an hour of the scheduled start time (348-1900).  Next, please email your child’s teacher so makeup work can be collected.   Any pre-planned absences of more than one day, require a request form be filled out in the office.


    • Backpack:  Please make sure that your child brings a backpack labeled with their name to school each day.


    • Specials:  Your child will attend one of these specials each day:  P.E., Music, Art or STEM.


    • Reading:  In kindergarten we will be using EL literacy as our reading curriculum.  This curriculum focuses on letter sounds, continuous blending of sounds into words and decoding. As a team, we will individualize instruction through flexible grouping, whole group activities and working one-on-one.  Your child will have reading homework EVERY night.  Please help monitor your child to ensure it is done correctly and neatly.  It is very important that their homework folder be returned to school each day.


    • Writing:  We will learn how to convey information by drawing a detailed picture and writing to tell a story.  We will explore poetry, writing facts about a subject and opinion writing.


    • Math:  Math is also a big part of our day in kindergarten.  Our math curriculum is IL mathematics. Our main focus is number sense.  We use manipulatives (cubes, blocks, etc.) to help teach math concepts.  Counting, recognizing and writing numbers, addition and subtraction and shapes, are some of the concepts covered in kindergarten.  Your child will have math homework during the week.


    • Reading at Home: It is important that children read at home.  This can be stories read by mom or dad, a sibling or other adult.  As your child learns to read, they can read independently.  Please try to read with your child at least 15 minutes a day.


    • Self-Help Skills:  In kindergarten, we encourage your child to do things for themselves.  As simple an act as letting your child hang up their own backpack builds self-confidence and independence.  Your child should be learning how to tie shoes, zip their own jacket, put straws in their juice boxes, etc.  Helping them learn self-help skills at home will help all of us be successful at school!


    • Lining up on the playground is another way that kindergartners can learn independence.  Your child will line up behind number 1 (our classroom number).  We ask that parents stay on the outside of the playground fenced area when it is time for your child to line up.  This also allows the older kids to safely exit the playground.  We encourage parents to say goodbye outside and let your child walk into the building independently.  


    • At the end of each day, your child can be picked up on the front side of the building. Please park in the north parking lot or on the street and use the crosswalk to get your child.  Please do not park along the curb or in the south lot at any time.  The south parking lot is for staff and daycare vans.   


    Thank you for your involvement, help, and support.  Call with any questions or concerns.                         

    Shanna Ranous 970-348-1969

    Tavia Lefort 970-348-1972

    Robin Stuerke 970-348-1941

    Stephanie Alison - 970-348-1940