Power Students of the Month

    MAY (Respect): Link Perez
    "Link Perez is a quiet leader who comes to ECA every day with a smile on his face and energy to impact those around him in a positive way. Link’s great attitude starts with respect for himself. This respect for himself manifests itself in his grades. He excels academically using hard work, good note taking skills, and determination. All his teachers have been proud of Link’s continual hard work and the way he takes ownership and responsibility for his work and his actions.
    His respectful attitude also affects the way he treats his classmates. He is a fantastic group member and partner, willingly helping others and raising the standard of work expected, and he is always ready to help others nearby who might be struggling with the material. He helps teachers by staying on task, handing out papers, and helping with general organizational tasks in the classroom. All of us can count on Link to show respect for himself and others every day." (Professor Andrea Schwartz, Spanish Instructor)

    APRIL (Effort): Angelique Vigil
    Angelique has done so much to support and improve ECA. According to her teachers, she is prepared every day and participates enthusiastically in her classes, adding insightful questions and comments as well as humor and creativity to the class discussion. She is a leader at our school, and has impressed teachers with her ability to organize and delegate group work.
    “Ange deserves to be recognized for the effort she puts into her school work outside of the classroom. I can always count on Ange to ask questions to clarify something we talked about that day or to seek help on an assignment. Ange is very motivated to achieve high marks in my class and in her other classes. I have frequently seen her meeting with instructors to receive help or ask questions, and I’ve also seen her at the AIMS campus in the writing center. Almost every week I can expect to see Ange in my office working toward deepening her understanding of content or sharpening her skills, and I often get emails with questions about classwork or drafts she wants feedback on. I have had few students this year, or ever for that matter, that have dedicated so much of their time and effort to their course work." (Professor Casey Clay, History Instructor)

    Brenna S
    MARCH (Work): Brenna Sydow 
    "Brenna is one of those rare students who actually enjoys learning instead of just trying to get a good grade. She is always asking questions in order to fully understand a topic, and her passion for learning shows inside and outside of the classroom. I have enjoyed having conversations with Brenna about what we have talked about in class and about her personal interests outside of class time.
    Further, her attention to finding excellent sources for her research rather than just the first sources she finds shows how much pride she takes in her learning. The paper she wrote for ENG 121 was one of the strongest papers in the class because of her work ethic. Another thing I really admire about Brenna is her willingness to recognize when she needs help. This is not an easy thing to do, especially when it comes to writing, yet Brenna always asks for help when she needs it. I have truly enjoyed having Brenna as a student this year, and with her work ethic and passion for learning, I know that she will be successful no matter what she decides to do!"  (Karen McCurley-Hardesty, English Instructor)

    FEBRUARY (Ownership): Kaycie Korgan

    Kaycie is one of our most involved students. She is a member of Performing Arts Club, Art Club, Athletic Club, Gaming Club, and Debate Club. “Kaycie Korgan exemplifies complete OWNERSHIP at Early College Academy. Not only is she organized and caring, but she is willing to help out whether asked to or not. I have had the opportunity to have her as a student aide and to watch her mature into a responsible young lady. As a student in my class, Kaycie assists me in taking care of and setting up equipment, helping keep the gym area neat and clean, supporting a safe environment, and she also willing participates whenever she is needed! She supports and encourages every student in the class.

    "The best compliment I can give Kaycie is that she has been a good role model for the student body. She is active in student functions, participates in many extracurricular activities and clubs, and positively represents our students in many facets. I truly feel Kaycie is an outstanding person. She is a student of high ideals, very concerned with doing the best she can, and I am very confident that Kaycie will make her mark in the world.”  (Steve Swayze, Physical Education Instructor)



    JANUARY (Pride): Regina Lucero
    Regina is an actively-involved student in Art and Performing Arts Clubs and helps out with Student Council as well. She has been described as an “inquisitive learner” in many of her classes and raises the level of thinking in any group of classroom that she participates in.
    "Regina is a student that exemplifies POWER: Pride through her actions and words. She shows pride for her school by getting involved as a member of the art club and other outside of school events. On a recent weekend field trip to the Denver Art Museum, she conducted herself in a manner that proudly represented Early College Academy. She shows her pride in the school by being a positive role model throughout the school day, whether it by getting to class on time, working hard on her academics, and being truly curious to learn more about the world around her. As her biology teacher, I have been amazed at her excitement about learning new information and making the connections between that bit of information and her everyday environment. Her enthusiasm for soaking up knowledge is contagious, spreading throughout the classroom and encouraging her peers to be curious learners as well.”  (Karen Pullen, Science Instructor)