• Scott Warner

  • I'm District 6
    Scott Warner | alumni, Greeley West High School

    As a successful executive with a regional technology company, Scott Warner knows a thing or two about what it takes to build the kinds of relationships necessary to accomplish mutual goals. And he learned that in District 6 schools.

    “One of the challenges with our culture today is that everything is so easily accessible,” Scott says. “But taking the initiative and learning responsibility – and the value of both in your education – that was something I learned in Greeley schools.”

    Scott credits District 6 teachers with coming alongside students during that process; of dedicating their time and efforts into ensuring everyone had opportunities for success. “They were really trying to educate us,” he says. “Not just what something meant, but actually how to apply it. It was extremely valuable to learn how to take part in that educational partnership – and it’s still valuable to me today.”

    But, he’s quick to point out, it’s about more than just preparing kids for the workforce. “There’s nothing more valuable than our kids,” he explains. “Who they are, what they’re interested in, what they’re learning. It’s not just what they can offer our business 20 years from now, but what they mean to our community today.”