• Summer Chaw

  • I'm District 6
    Summer Chaw | student, Greeley Central High School

    Born in a Burmese refugee camp in Thailand, Summer Chaw experienced things as a child that most of us never even have to think about. “We had to wear plain white clothes to identify us,” she says. “There wasn’t much to eat – and there wasn’t much to do.”

    But the thing she remembers most is the suffering children. “I don’t know if it was because of a lack of awareness, or resources, or doctors,” she says, “or maybe all of that.”

    Inspired by her father, who as a nurse operated a clinic back in Thailand, Summer plans to enroll in medical school and become a pediatrician. “I want to help those kids,” she says, “and others around the world. I want to go wherever there’s a need.”

    And District 6 is helping her get there. Ever since her family arrived in 2014, says Summer, she felt right at home – singing and performing on stage, playing violin and flute, and participating in Greeley Central High School’s Health Science Academy. “All my teachers have been really helpful and supportive,” she says. But the best part of Greeley schools? “Everyone accepts you for who you are. They don’t judge. I felt that right away.”