Climate & Culture

  • Strategic Plan

    District 6 cultivates a safe, healthy and inclusive learning environment for all, embracing our diversity and engaging all stakeholders.

  • Priority 1: Ensure cultural proficiency throughout the system.

    Value and Belief: Diversity is an asset.

    Outcome: By 2019, all certified and classified staff will participate in culturally-responsive training.

    ACHIEVED By 2020, each school will implement an equity team.

    By 2020, Support Services will implement an equity team.


    Priority 2: Provide a safe school environment including physical, social and emotional wellbeing for all.

    Value and Belief: We ensure safe and healthy schools.

    Outcome: ACHIEVED By 2018, trauma response training will be included in each school unified improvement plan.

    By 2023, 85% of students surveyed will indicate positive physical, social and emotional wellbeing at school.

    ACHIEVED By 2022, the percentage of students disciplined (in-school and out-of-school suspensions, expulsions) will be 10% or lower.


    To view the progress made toward these goals, please view the Innovation2020 Progress Report.