• Senior Portraits

    The deadline to submit senior portraits is October 31. You may hire your own photographer, use one from the photographer list, have a friend/family take a nice picture, or sign up for a time with Prof. Hoffer for an after-school portrait at ECA/Peak View Park/AIMS. 

    Photo Specifications

    • No full body shots (try to frame from mid-body and up. We just don't want the picture to get blurry if we have to zoom in too far).
    • Minimum 300 dpi (higher resolutions encouraged).
    • Must be shot vertically (or able to be cropped into a verticle picture).
    • Clothing cannot be low cut or have the stomach showing. Sleeveless is ok.
    • Background items / props should not block the view of the student, specifically the face.
    • Students don't necessarily need to be looking at the camera, but we should be able to see at least 3/4s of their face.

    ECA yearbook reserves the right to reject photos that do not meet the requirements given. Students will be notified and asked to re-submit within the deadline schedule.

    IMPORTANT: Photo should be in .jpg format and MUST be named as: LastNameFirstName (example: PotterHarry) and submitted to ECATigerYearbook@gmail.com. You will get a confirmation email within 1-5 days of submission.

    Senior Quotes

    The deadline to submit senior quotes is December 1. You can submit your favorite quote, song lyrics, a family saying, or something completely original!


    • Keep it under 100 characters, including spaces (somewhere under 15-20 words).
    • If you're quoting someone else, please include the name of person to credit with the quote.
    • Please ensure it is school appropriate.
    • Have fun but also be smart! Remember that everyone will be able to read this.

    Submit your quote through this Senior Quote Survey. You MUST be signed into your aims.edu account to access the survey.

    Baby Ads

    Looking for a creative way to express friendship, love, or congratulations to the special student in your life? Place a recognition ad in the yearbook! It’s easy to create a recognition ad. Print off the order form and turn it in with cash or check. Email us at ECATigerYearbook@gmail.com and include a copy of your photo(s) and a message. Digital copies of your photos are required, please email us if you have questions or need help. You can also call Prof. Hoffer at 348-5891.

    *Order Date Deadline: December 20th

    Prices (if you order before October 1, prices will be discounted):

    • 1/8 page: $44
    • 1/4 page: $65
    • 1/2 page: $100
    • Full page: $280

    Order form before October 1

    Order form after October 1