• Maddie Frederick-Law

  • I'm District 6
    Maddie Frederick-Law | student, Chappelow Arts Magnet School

    As far as Maddie Frederick-Law is concerned, Chappelow Arts Magnet School is the perfect fit. “If I went to any other school in the district,” she says, “people might view me as an arts geek. Like I was weird or something. But that’s definitely not the case here.”

    Both students and teachers tend to have a creative mindset at Chappelow, Maddie explains. And because arts are integrated into the curriculum, it makes for a much more enjoyable – and thorough – educational experience. “We’re all different,” she says, “but because we have this shared way of looking at things, there’s more collaboration.”

    Maddie points to Ms. Gaspers, her language arts instructor, as one example of the school’s unique approach. Ms. Gaspers puts students into groups based on their strengths and weaknesses so that they can not only support each other, but also learn from one another.

    For Maddie, Chappelow is family. And her teachers? They’re not only great mentors, she says, but also great people. “They teach you how to become a good human being; how to look at the world creatively, with an open heart and open arms, to people and ideas; how to be yourself; how to accept the world and who you are.”