As a School Counselor, I am available to students who may need brief intervention to assist with an issue at school or home that is impacting their ability to be successful in the classroom setting. As a School Counselor, I utilize solution-focused techniques to help identify an issue and problem-solve that issue as quickly as possible. Sometimes students encounter events that require more intensive intervention than what I am able to offer inside the school setting.  In those situations, you may wish to seek outside counseling services for your child.
    Below are several options for mental health resources in and around Greeley.  I do not endorse any of the resources below, but provide their contact information as a resource available. I always recommend families begin the search for a mental health provider by speaking with their family doctor or pediatrician. These health care providers know your child and they also may know (and recommend) mental health providers who they know work with your insurance. Please make sure you contact your health insurance provider to check coverage of mental health counseling prior to proceeding with any services.
    If you are in need of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.
    Youth and Family Connections
    Works with youth in Weld County ages 6-17 who are struggling with:
                                                          --Drug and alcohol abuse
                                                          --Mental Health issues
                                                         --Educational needs
                                                         --Family problems
                                                         --Delinquent behavior
                                                        --Teen pregnancy
                                                        --Run away issues
                                                        --At-risk behavior
                                                        --Out of parent control
    Youth and Family Connections provides a team member to work with families to access resources.  That team member stays with the family to ensure success in any intervention recommended. Youth and Family Connections services are free of charge. Chappelow can initiate a referral for you or you may contact them directly.
    Greeley Office
    2835 W. 10th Street
    (970) 351-5460
    Mon-Fri 8am-6pm
    Sat 10am-6pm 
    North Range Behavioral Health
    Offers a wide variety of services from play therapy to family therapy to individual counseling.  They offer services on a sliding scale that is designed to be sensitive to a family's individual income.  They also accept a variety of insurance plans. 
    1300 N. 17th Avenue
    (970) 347-2120
    University of Northern Colorado Psychological Services Clinic
    Provides low cost counseling and assessment services.  The clinic offers individual counseling for children and adults, couples counseling, family counseling, group counseling, play therapy, and assessment services.  Fees are set on a sliding scale according to family income and ability to pay.  Most counseling services cost $40 per semester (6-12 sessions), but some are more costly.  Assessment services start at $300.
    McKee Hall, Room 247
    Just south of 14th Avenue and 20th  Street
    (970) 351-1645
    Community Grief Center
    Provides group therapy services free of charge to children and families following a loss.  They also offer classes to help those who wish to support someone dealing with grief. Please contact the Community Grief Center directly for upcoming dates for groups and classes.
    Caring Legacy Building
    4650 West 20th Street, Ste. B
    (970) 506-4114
    Pathways Family Wellness
    Offers a wide variety of services from individual counseling to family counseling to psychological evaluation and medication management.  Please contact directly about rates and insurance coverage.
    8217 W. 20th Street
    (970) 356-3100