As school counselors, we are available to students who may need brief intervention to assist with an issue at school or home that is impacting their ability to be successful in the classroom setting. As School Counselors, we utilize solution-focused techniques to help identify an issue and problem-solve that issue as quickly as possible. Sometimes students encounter events that require more intensive intervention than what we are able to offer inside the school setting.  In those situations, you may wish to seek outside counseling services for your student.
    Below are several options for mental health resources in and around Greeley.  I do not endorse any of the resources below, but provide their contact information as a resource available. I always recommend families to begin the search for a mental health provider by speaking with their family doctor or pediatrician. These healthcare providers know your student and they also may know (and recommend) mental health providers who they know work with your insurance. Please make sure you contact your health insurance provider to check coverage of mental health counseling prior to proceeding with any services.
    If you are in need of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.
    • imattercolorado.org

    The I Matter program can connect you with a therapist for up to 6 free virtual counseling sessions (some in-person appointments available, too) that are completely confidential. Talking with someone can make you feel better. To start, click on “Youth” below to take a short survey. Be as honest as possible: your answers will help match you with the right therapist.

    • Griffith Centers for Children

    Services include: Individual counseling, family counseling; home-based therapy *usually takes medicaid

    Phone: 970-888-3550

    Building address: 710 11th Ave, Greeley, CO 80631/  8217 W 20th Street, Greeley, CO 80634

    • Life Stance Health

    Services include:  Individual counseling, Group counseling

    Address: Multiple Locations in Greeley Phone: (970) 310-3406

    • Kids Stuff Counseling

    Services include:  Individual counseling, family counseling

    Address: 1770 25th Ave, Greeley, CO 80634 Phone: (970) 775-7061

    • North Range Behavioral Health

    Services include: Individual counseling, family counseling, both school-based and outpatient *takes Medicaid

    Building Address: 1306 11th Ave, Greeley, CO 80631 Phone: 970-347-2120

    • Pathways Family Wellness

    Services include:  Individual counseling, family counseling

    Call: 970-356-3100

    • UNC Psych Services

    Phone: 970-351-1645

    Services: Individual Counseling $60 for entire semester for about 15 sessions, if they come in mid-semester, $30

    • Summit Stone Health Partners

    Service include: Crisis, Same day access, Peer support, Groups, Medication, Telehealth 

    Phone: 970-494-4200 website: www.summitstonehealth.org 

    • Community Grief Center

    Service include: Group therapy services free of charge to children and families following a loss.  They also offer classes to help those who wish to support someone dealing with grief. Please contact the Community Grief Center directly for upcoming dates for groups and classes.

    Phone: 970- 506-4114 website: www.communitygriefcenter.org


    Greeley- Evans School District 6- Family and Student Support Team (FASST) Resource List

    This list is provided as a list of available community resources for families, District 6 does not prefer one agency over another. It is important to call your insurance to see what agencies/services are covered and to call agencies to see what will be the best fit for your family.