Career & Technical Education


  • Career and Technical Education is the springboard to a competitive edge in career opportunities and college readiness. District 6 offers robust Career and Technical Education Programs identified in 12 academies and 27 pathways with experienced faculty and industry partners to engage in real-world professional projects, internships, and apprenticeships. 


    D6 offers several career and technical education programs for students in every high school - Greeley Central High School's advanced manufacturing program, construction at Greeley West and Jefferson High Schools, and the STEM program at Northridge High School are just a few of these. 

Concurrent Enrollment

  • Concurrent enrollment allows high school students to earn college credit before graduation and work towards a post-secondary certificate, degree, or diploma, allowing them to advance more quickly down their post-secondary pathway. 


    Concurrent enrollment courses also count as a credit toward a high school diploma. 


    Concurrent enrollment courses are college courses. Students should understand that the amount of work necessary to succeed may be much more significant than high school courses. 


    In addition, concurrent enrollment courses become a part of a student's permanent college transcript. It is important to do well in these courses to realize all the benefits of concurrent enrollment. 


    Concurrent enrollment helps students develop job skills, explore various career fields, and ease the transition in post-secondary education. 



  • Advanced Manufacturing Academy
  • Agriculture Academy
  • Arts Academy
  • Construction & Advanced Manufacturing Academy
  • Business Academy
  • Health Sciences Academy
  • Hospitality Academy
  • Human Services & Education Academy
  • Scholastic Academy
  • Leadership Academy
  • Public Safety Academy
  • STEM Academy

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