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    Administrator/Supervisor Health Nut of the Quarter 

    Administrator and supervisor support is key to healthy employees and a successful worksite wellness program. Thank you to all of these superstars for being great role models! Established Fall 2017.


    Winter 2018: Elizabeth Urich, Assistant Principal at Dos Rios

    How do you incorporate healthy eating into your lifestyle?Elizabeth

    "With the kick-off of our 5210 campaign, I have been challenging myself to eat more fruits and vegetables on a daily basis."


    How do you fit physical activity into your lifestyle?

    "Having two young boys at home, sports is an everyday thing.  Not only do I enjoy watching them grow as athletes, but I also enjoy playing alongside of them.  In the summer months, we love being outside and adventuring around our beautiful state!"


    How about other wellness activities?

    "In order to be able to give my staff, students and family my best each and every day, I get lots of rest and drink plenty of water.  I also take time each night to connect and relax with my family."


    How are you a good role model?

    "My philosophy of teaching the whole child aligns nicely with our International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program.  Therefore, I take every opportunity to model healthy habits to staff and students.  I am a member of our Personal, Social, & Physical Education (PSPE) Team here at Dos Rios and I whole-heartedly support staff and student wellness and programs.  This team provides our students and staff with opportunities to lead healthy lifestyles.  It is easy to support something I believe in!"


    Any advice for other D6 employees?

    "Take time for yourself to recharge and do things that you love!  Surround yourself with people that encourage you and bring out the best in you!"





    Fall 2017: Jodee Mueller, Assistant Principal at MonfortJodee

    How do you incorporate healthy eating into your lifestyle?

    "What really helped me change my eating habits this year was twofold. First, my doctor had a conversation with me about how my weight graph was slowly creeping up. He pointed out to me that I needed to take time to eat breakfast and lunch, something I wasn’t doing until this year. The second was having a buddy at work with a similar goal. A co-worker and I decided to try eating clean by following the Whole 30 eating plan. We did it!  She lost 15 pounds and I lost 11."


    How do you fit physical activity into your lifestyle?

    "I am a pretty physically active individual. Every morning I get up early and go on a long walk with my dog. As a family we bike ride and swim. I also go to a gym and take spin classes and do boot camp."


    How about other wellness activities?

    "Reading, writing, home improvement projects and doing crafts are ways that I decompress during home hours."


    How are you a good role model?

    "When I work with students, it’s usually because they are struggling in some way. I always talk to them about breathing and taking care of themselves mentally and physically. I teach them deep breathing exercises as a way to de-escalate."


    Any accomplishments your would like to share?

    "All of my three children are physically active. They participate in organized sports like swimming, baseball, football, and track. My youngest son, who is 10, and I like to run/walk 5K’s together. As an adult I have taken up many new activities like snow shoeing, paddle boarding, and snow skiing. I have also been water skiing since I was 11 and can slalom ski."


    Any advice for other D6 employees?

    "The best advice I could give others is just to make time for yourself. Our physical well-being is linked to our mental health. When you do things for yourself like eating healthy and exercising, you are better equipped to deal with daily stressors. It is very hard, but well worth it."